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Bristlefy™ Smart Makeup Mirror

Bristlefy™ Smart Makeup Mirror

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Introducing the Bristlefly Smart Makeup Mirror – where beauty meets innovation. This mirror isn't just a reflection; it's your personal beauty guru. With built-in smart features, it adapts its lighting to mimic various environments, ensuring your makeup looks flawless day or night. Its intuitive touch-screen interface allows you to customize settings, and it can even stream makeup tutorials for inspiration. Connect your devices via Bluetooth to enjoy your favorite music or podcasts while you glam up. Elevate your beauty routine with the Bristlefly Smart Makeup Mirror – where technology and glamour unite.

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Product Specifications:

Input Voltage: DC5V
Input Current: 1A
Battery Capacity: 1200mAh
Battery Model: 18650 lithium battery
Product Material: ABS Plastic,Glass
Product Size: 8.62x6.06x0.9in


Package Includes:

1 x Makeup Mirror
1 x USB Cable

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